How to clean and use your crystals?


How to Clean the crystals

How to clean and use your crystals?

Ways to clean your crystals:

  1. Running water or soaking with water (if gemstone can be cleansed with water),
  2. Moonlight, Smudging with Sage,
  3. Visualizing light, Tibetan Bowl Singing,
  4. Store in a bag with Carnelian,
  5. bury in sand or soil for 24 Hours, Seawater or Salt Water*,
  6. Place on a cluster or Geode of Clear Quartz of Amethyst, Sunlight, Rainwater, or Pass through Candlelight.

Ways to use your Crystals and Gemstones:

Place stones and crystals over area of discomfort, on top of proper chakra, under your pillow, next to or at the foot of the bed, as a crystal grid, around your home, tuck in your purse, carry them in your pocket or wear them as jewelry.

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